Sindh government rubbishes rumours of imposing curfew


KARACHI: Sindh government has not taken any decision to impose a curfew across the province, said Syed Murtaza Wahab on Monday. 

The advisor to the chief minister and Sindh government spokesperson rubbished rumours on social media that the provincial government had decided to impose a curfew in a bid to contain the coronavirus from spreading faster in the province. 

“News on social media about [imposition of] curfew are wrong,” he said. “People should not lend an ear to misleading news,” he added. 

He advised people to play their part in stemming the spread of the coronavirus and appealed to masses to support the government in its efforts to save citizens’ lives. 

Wahab advised people not to venture out of their homes unnecessarily so that they remained safe within the confines of their residences.  

Coronavirus spreading at an alarming rate: Sindh health minister

Sindh Health Minister Azra Pechuho said that the COVID-19 was spreading in the province at an alarming rate. She urged people who had recovered from the coronavirus to step forward and help Sindh government by donating plasma. 

“We urgently require plasma to save lives of COVID-19 patients,” she said. “We are receiving positive results of the passive immunization procedure due to the efforts of doctors in Sindh,” she added. 

Dr Pehchuho said that the process of the plasma donation was taking place with the relevant SOPs in place under the supervision of the Blood Transfusion Authority. 

Govt hints at reimposing lockdown after Eid as COVID-19 cases surge past 56,000

Wahab’s denial came a day after Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza hinted that the government may move towards reimposing the lockdown after Eid. 

Dr Mirza had warned that any further negligence over the implementation of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) could worsen the situation as the daily number of cases skyrocketed. 

He had said that the government will assess the situation after Eid and make a decision on reimposing the lockdown, which was relaxed earlier this month.

“Pakistanis are under the wrong impression that the prevalence of the disease is reducing,” Dr Zafar Mirza said.

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