Sterilization services improved in Makkah


MAKKAH: The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques has allocated 45 teams to work around the clock to sterilize the Grand Mosque in Makkah, its outdoor yards, and toilets, by using 25,000 liters of environment-friendly sterilizers per day.
An estimated 600 workers will be inside the holy mosque as more than 500 modern automatic devices for hand sterilization were distributed, and 50 pumps were provided to combat pests and insects.

In addition, the presidency provided 20 Biocare devices, 550 hand pumps, and other sterilization tools for the atmosphere and surface at the Grand Mosque. More than 290,000 masks have been distributed since the full capacity was raised at the holy mosque last month.  The presidency is also carrying out operations to clean, sanitize and perfume the Grand Mosque’s carpets around the clock, as well as washing 1,500 carpets weekly in Kudai, to maintain standards and ensure the safety of worshippers.
Jaber Al-Wadaani, director of the sanitation and carpet department at the Grand Mosque, said that the presidency established a dedicated carpet cleaning center in Kudai with the latest high-tech tools and equipment.

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