Taliban claim $6.5 million, 18 gold bricks recovered from Amrullah Saleh’s home


(Web Desk) – American dollars and gold bricks have been recovered from the residence of Amrullah Saleh, the Taliban claimed on Monday.

Saleh was the first vice-president in the Ashraf Ghani administration.

Ahmadullah Muttaqi, chief of the Taliban s multimedia branch, took to Twitter to post a video of an alleged raid on Amrullah Saleh s residence.

The video shows Taliban fighters sitting around two suitcases stuffed with cash and gold bricks. Some of the fighters can also be seen clicking pictures of the piles of cash in the 1-minute 26-second video.

Muttaqi claimed that a total of six and a half million US dollars, along with 18 gold bricks, were recovered from Amrullah Saleh s residence.

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