US talks ‘helpful’ but differences remain: Xinhua


BEIJING (AFP) – Top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi said the first talks between Beijing and US President Joe Biden s administration were “candid, constructive and helpful,” but warned that differences remain, state news agency Xinhua reported early Saturday.

The two days of talks between the world s top two economies, held in Alaska on Thursday and Friday, began in acrimony, with both delegations launching broadsides over human rights and geopolitical ambitions.

Yang sounded a positive note as the talks wrapped up, but noted “there are still some important differences between the two sides,” according to Xinhua.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China still hopes the United States will meet Beijing “halfway,” adding that respect for each other s “core interests” is vital and “the door for China-US dialogue would be always open” if those ideas are upheld.

He also warned Washington not to “underestimate China s determination to safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests,” Xinhua said.

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