WhatsApp beta version for Android has a camera bug


There is a camera bug on the WhatsApp beta version for Android, according to complaints made by users.

Users wrote to the Twitter account, WABetaInfo, about zoomed-in camera issues on the WhatsApp beta version for Android, which the account confirmed.

WABetaInfo recently asked its followers about any issues they might be experiencing when downloading media and status updates from WhatsApp beta for Android on any version.

Many wrote back to the account, explaining the issues they had been facing.

One particular user asked the Twitter account for help regarding a zoomed-in camera bug on WhatsApp beta version and business beta version while using the camera via the app on Android.

WABetaInfo confirmed that WhatsApp had indeed been facing such camera issues for several versions now.

“I confirm: WhatsApp beta for Android has this issue since several versions,” the tweet read.

Many users face the same camera bug and hope WhatsApp resolves the issue soon.

What is WABetaInfo?

WABetaInfo is a Twitter account dedicated to spreading reliable news and real-time updates about popular social networking app WhatsApp. It is an independent portal used by approximately 97.1 thousand Twitter followers for information on WhatsApp.

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