WhatsApp introduces new security feature for web


In collaboration with cloud flare, WhatsApp launched a new security feature ‘Code Verify’ — which is basically a web browser extension.

The purpose of ‘Code Verify’ is to check whether the code running on users’ WhatsApp web has not been tampered with.

According to WABetainfo, this feature ‘Code Verify’ after the installation will work automatically once you start using the WhatsApp web. 

Moreover, WhatsApp web will show you three different messages.

  • A green icon on ‘Code Verify’ will indicate that a person is using an authentic version of WhatsApp web and the code is validated.
  • The red icon will indicate the failure of code validation.
  • While an orange icon will indicate that network time is out or a possible risk is detected.

‘Code Verify’ can be downloaded through a web browser store, while this security feature as of now is only available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. 

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